View, Print, Save, Copy & Paste


  • Some portions of are PDF files that require Adobe® Acrobat® Reader for viewing and printing. If Acrobat® Reader (version 4.0 or higher) is not installed on your computer, click here to download this free software now.
  • On some computers PDF files appear in the Acrobat® Reader window in your browser; on other computers Acrobat® Reader opens on your desktop. If you want to view PDF files within your browser, please refer to Adobe® for help.


  • To print this sheet of instructions:
    • Click anywhere in this frame.
    • Click the printer icon on your browser toolbar.
  • To print a PDF file click "Print" on the Adobe® toolbar.

    Note: If this toolbar does not appear, please refer to Adobe® for help.

Saving a PDF file

  • Click "Save" on the Adobe® toolbar. A dialog box will appear.
  • Save the file to a location of your choice.

Copy and Paste PDF files
If you wish to place a map or graph in a document or presentation, you must "copy" it from the PDF and then "paste" it into the document or presentation.

  • Choose the "Graphics Select" tool on the Adobe® toolbar.

  • Drag a box around the image area you wish to copy.

  • Click "Copy" on the Adobe® toolbar

  • Paste the image into the document or presentation.