These Web sites have been reviewed and selected to provide useful links to online resources to support your curriculum.


North America

Geographical Names of Canada

Extensive information on the names of Canada's provinces, territories, and capital cities plus some information about indigenous cultures and Canadian history.

About Canada

This Canadian government directory includes resources for teachers and students featuring maps, images, and puzzles, as well as historical, geographical, and cultural information.

Canada Facts
This site offers brief facts about Canada and links to pages about interesting Canadian topics.

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

Ben Franklin explains the branches of government, citizenship, symbols, and more about the U.S. government. The site is organized by grade ranges.

Census in Schools
This U.S. Census Bureau site offers many facts about the fifty states and includes several fun quizzes.

America's Story

Created by the Library of Congress, this site explores the culture and history of the United States. It also includes a clickable map with information about each state.

Welcome to Puerto Rico

Extensive information about the culture, history, economy, and geography of Puerto Rico. This site also includes recipes and tourist information.

Mexico — A Country Study

This Library of Congress site provides information about the geography, history, government, and culture of Mexico.

Mexico for Kids

This site offers "fast facts" about Mexico as well as links to pages about specific topics of Mexican culture and geography.

The Panama Canal

This comprehensive site about the Panama Canal includes historical information, photos and a live camera showing the canal.

South America

Amazon Interactive

Explore the geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon rain forest. This site includes information about the Quichua people and interactive games.

Journey Into Amazonia

This PBS site explores the Amazon River Basin. It has photos and many resources, including a teacher’s resource page.

This site provides background on the culture, history, and geography of Chile. There are also pictures of the diverse regions of the country.


This site offers a brief introduction to Argentina and links to more information about the country's history and culture.

Discover Brazil

Learn about Brazil's geography, people, and history on this site. It also includes samples of Brazilian music.

Virtual Galapagos

Information on the geography and wildlife issues of the Galapagos Islands and the research that has been done on these islands. This site also includes information on the history of Ecuador.

Venezuela Yours

View dozens of wonderful photos as you learn about the history, geography, wildlife, and culture of Venezuela.

The Other Look of Colombia

A brief overview of Colombia that includes biographies of some famous Colombians, a few photos, and links.

Go Places: Brasil

Meet Brazilian kids, see animals of the Amazon, go sightseeing, and hear phrases in Portuguese on this site.

Virtual Andean

This tourism site offers profiles about Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Venezuela.


This site offers an overview of Suriname and information about traveling to the country.


Africa for Kids

See photos of Africa, hear a thumb piano, make a mask, and read a Swahili folktale on this PBS site.

The Africa Guide

An extensive guide to Africa today- includes many photos, news, and current events.

Africa Travel Association

This digital library features slides, photos, and audio clips from 54 African countries .

Deep in the Bush. Where People Rarely Go
This site includes lesson plans, stories and plays, hand-outs, and other tools for teaching about Africa through folktales.

Odyssey Online: Africa

Using African artifacts, this museum site illustrates aspects of African culture such as ritual, everyday life, and communication.

Kids Africa

An overview of Africa is featured on this interactive PBS site. It also links to "Wonders of Africa", an extensive PBS site based on the series by the same name.

African Voices

Learn about African history and culture on this site from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History based on the museum’s "African Voices" exhibit.

Egypt: Secrets of an Ancient World

Learn about Egypt with an interactivce tour of major historic sites and modern excavations in Egypt.

Republic of Ghana

This site includes facts about Ghana, a map of the country, and information about the government and culture of this West African nation.

Digital Africa

This site tells the story of an American woman's trip in eastern and southern Africa with many beautiful pictures of Africa's natural wonders.

K-12 Electronic Guide for African Resources on the Internet

This comprehensive Internet directory offers links to multimedia collections, detailed country listings, and topical lists such as languages of Africa.


Virtual Finland- Directory

This site focuses on the country of Finland. The directory page on this site includes information about Finland's history, economy, and society.

Ireland: Department of Foreign Affairs

This government site includes facts about Ireland and information on Ireland's culture, history, and government.

The Face of Russia

An exploration of the people of Russia—past and present. It features an extensive timeline, many images, and resources including a glossary and lesson plans.

Germany Tourism

This site offers a slide show of Germany, currency converter, and weather information. It also includes information about German culture, food, and music.

Discovering France

This site looks at several aspects of the culture and geography of France including population, government, and culture and leisure.

Republic of Austria

A good overview of Austria and its people from the Austrian government.

Tour of Italy for the Financially Challenged

This photographic tour features historical and cultural information about Italy.

Tourism in Spain

This tourism site features information about vacationing, business, and adventures in Spain. It also includes a photo gallery.

This site focusing on Albania and other Balkan countries featuring information on their history and culture.

This dynamic site from the Greek Ministry of Culture provides pictures and descriptions of Greek art and history from the prehistoric era to the present-day.


Asia Society Kids

This extensive site includes maps, photos, timelines, and short reading selections about the history and cultures of Asia.

Kids Web Japan

This site highlights Japanese culture and includes many photos and colorful graphics.

Asia Homepage

This site presents essential facts about the geography, history, and people of selected Asian countries, accompanied by photos.

Discovering China

Created by students, this site features text and photos about Chinese culture past and present. It also includes an interactive section.

Turkey Guide

This National Geographic Site features information about the culture of Turkey, including maps and photos.

Afghanistan Online
http://www.afghan-web.c om/

An extensive collection of photos and information about the culture, geography, languages, and religions in Afghanistan.

Global Connections: The Middle East

This PBS site provides detailed background, maps, and timelines on the politics, religions, economics, culture, and geography of the Middle East.

Discover India
This government site created by India's Ministry of External Affairs presents information about many aspects of Indian culture and society including the economy, politics, and sports.

Arab News

This online resource includes facts about the Arab world, primarily dealing with countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Bali Guide

This site offers an introduction to the geography and culture of Bali as well as a map of the island.

Australia and Its Neighbors

Guide to Australia
This site provides links to information about the culture, geography, economy, and infrastructure of Australia. Links are also grouped by states or territories.

Fun Facts About Australia

This site features information about Australia, ranging from the local wide life to the continent's climate.

Interactive Tour of Tasmania

This site features information about Australia's largest island, Tasmania. Information on the physical environment, culture, and history of the island is included on this site.

Republic of the Marshall Islands Online

Extensive information about the land and people of the Marshall Islands.

Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Homepage of the national government of the Federated States of Micronesia features information about Micronesia’s geography, culture, history, and more.

Fiji Government Online

This site from the government of Fiji highlights the history and geography of this nation.

Statistics New Zealand

Statistics and information about the people of New Zealand including information about the Maori, the indigenous people of the country, and statistics on population, environment, economy, and a top 20 section.

Govt.NZ: New Zealand Government Online

Extensive information about the government of New Zealand.


The Living Edens

This site is based on the PBS series "The Living Edens". It features explorations of many regions around the world.

Welcome to the Greatest Places Online

This site features the geography of the Amazon, Greenland, Iguazu Falls, Madagascar, the Namib Desert, the Okavango Delta, and Tibet and includes multimedia presentations and several good links.

Geographia Homepage

Extensive geographical and cultural information about Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America with many images and some videos.

Let's Go Around the World

Information about children in East Africa and the Amazon rain forest with resources and many photos.

BBC Religion Profiles

This BBC site features information about the world's major religions, including histories and beliefs.

On the Line

Photos and information about the land and people of eight meridian-line countries: Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Algeria, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom.

Topics: Online Magazine for Learners of English

Young people from around the world learning English as a second language write about their local customs and beliefs in this online magazine. The site also includes teachers' viewpoints, language help, polls, quizzes, and interviews.

Cities of Today, Cities of Tomorrow

This online project, developed by the United Nations, offer six units about the development of cities around the world, 21 city profiles, and a quiz.

NATURE: Antarctica: The End Of The Earth

This PBS site highlights the landscape, environment, and wildlife of Antarctica.

Wired Antarctica
Use the lessons and information from this site to learn about researchers in and the environment of Antarctica.

Secrets of the Ice

This site highlights a research expedition to Antarctica and includes learning resources.

South Pole Adventure Web

This site from the Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica features extensive information about the continent. It includes activities, experiments, and photos.

CIA World Factbook

This CIA site offers information about the economies, cultures, and governments of the world's countries.